How does NicoBloc work?

NicoBloc PackNicoBloc aids in reducing nicotine cravings and eases nicotine withdrawal symptoms. When applied to the filter on your cigarette, the nicotine and tar are trapped within the cigarette and will not be inhaled.

The greatest part about it is that the taste of your cigarette doesn't change! You will be reducing the amount of harmful chemicals you inhale, but you won't even notice because it tastes the same! Since the amount of nicotine you are inhaling is reduced, you will be easing yourself out of the nicotine addiction because your body will be adjusting slowly.

How do I use NicoBloc?

During the first week with NicoBloc, apply one drop of NicoBloc to the filter of each cigarette that you smoke. This traps up to 33% of tar and nicotine.

Once you have applied the drop, immediately light up the cigarette and take a long first draw before you begin to smoke the cigarette normally. Since NicoBloc reduces the amount of nicotine by only 33%, you should not experience any symptoms of withdrawal.

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NicoBloc is unique in that it simply allows you to continue smoking while you are quitting but control the amount of nicotine you take into your system. This is why NicoBloc has worked for many other smokers like you.

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